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ViewCenter by ICM Document Solutions is an enterprise-level content and document management system designed for businesses looking to automate and streamline the storage of their critical records. The program is web-based, allowing for secure capture, access, and distribution of documents on any mobile device with any browser.

Features within the ViewCenter platform include customizable permissions, a configurable UI, support for all file types, detailed activity logs, keyword and content searching, automated retention and disposition processes, and a drag-and-drop upload tool. When coupled with InfoCenter, a secure public portal solution included in ViewCenter’s suite of products, companies have all of the necessary tools to automate their workflows surrounding the gathering and maintenance of critical business records.

In addition to the multiple features included with ViewCenter, users can also be assured their documents meet regulatory agency compliance and security requirements specific to their industries.


ViewCenter ECM Suite - Sample search screen
  • ViewCenter ECM Suite - Sample search screen
    Sample search screen
  • ViewCenter ECM Suite - User permissions
    User permissions
  • ViewCenter ECM Suite - Notifications queue
    Notifications queue
  • ViewCenter ECM Suite - Using iCapture
    Using iCapture
  • ViewCenter ECM Suite - Login
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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