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Berkshire Associates have been providing solutions to HR professionals at small to mid-sized companies for the past 30 years. BALANCEtrak, their Software-as-a-Service application, can be conveniently accessed from any location with a secure Internet connection, giving users convenience and flexibility. This web-based deployment also eliminates the need to purchase extra hardware or invest in updates; Berkshire Associates take care of it all. BALANCEtrak is a best-of-breed Applicant Tracking and Candidate Recruiting system with integrated onboarding and competency management. It is a great fit for most segments of the market and fully scalable to accommodate companies of all sizes, small and large. Their platform was created around existing hiring processes, and their staff is always ready to work with their clients to meet any unique needs they may have. BALANCEtrak streamlines company workflow, saving users time and money. Create automated postings on the top job boards, stay organized with the software's at-a-glance dashboard, build and edit applications, and score and pre-screen potential candidates. BALANCEtrack is completely compliant with AA/EEO laws and guidelines.Berkshire Associates have been recognized by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the top software companies of 2012 and were a STEVIE Award Finalist for Leading Technology Innovation 2011. For HR professionals looking to maximize efficiency in hiring and onboarding, BALANCEtrak is a great option to shortlist and review.


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  • BALANCEtrak - Career page
    Career page
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    Hiring overview
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    Customized reports
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    Prescreening forms
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    Application process
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    Customizable report views
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Susan from Perdue Farms

February 2013

Date: February 2013