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CatalystFive is a sleek and comprehensive Applicant Tracking and Applicant Sourcing solution. This web-based platform gives recruiters and HR professionals the tools they need to quickly and efficiently identify and connect with high-quality candidates from virtually any Internet-enabled device.

CatalystFive allows users to import jobs from Excel or a company website, quickly create professional looking job postings, and then syndicate those postings across hundreds of different job boards. Custom questions can be added to quickly identify the most suitable candidates, as well as eliminate those deemed a poor fit. Users can easily create email and text campaigns, and even respond to candidates via text.

We like the fact that CatalystFive offers numerous useful integrations. Companies using Dropbox to manage their files can link Dropbox to the system, and resumes will be automatically added and stored there. Personal calendars, including contact information, from Google, iCal, Outlook, or Android will synchronize with the system; CatalystFive can even schedule interviews at open appointment times. Social media tools can grow your LinkedIn Network from candidates that are applying to jobs, in addition to auto-posting to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

CatalystFive offers a free trial of the system, so HR professionals and recruiters can experience the intuitive interface and end-to-end features for themselves before making a purchasing decision. It’s a great option for pretty much any industry, and we typically recommend it to companies with more than fifty employees.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Specialty: Hospitality / Travel

CatalystFive makes recruiting a lot easier



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

Easy to post jobs, archive postings and post to social media. Affordable. User-friendly. Great customer service-- the personalized attention from the company is really nice. I've been using Catalyst Five software, for my recruiting business, for about 4 years.

Likes Least

Not sure if it's user error or the software, but when I broadcast a search it tends to attract a lot of unqualified candidates. Also, if I don't delete a network I've created, a lot of random unqualified candidates contact me saying I've reached out to them. I just have to remember to delete my networks every so often if I'm not searching for candidates within that network.


I recommend giving CatalystFive a try. Postings with other companies are usually very expensive and with ClimberFive software postings are priced right. Postings are easy to edit; it's easy to save resumes for future; switch out postings, search for candidates, etc.

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