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HRMatrix is OrbLogic’s affordable web-based Human Resources solution. At the core of this easy to use system is a comprehensive personnel tracking application, and integrated into that is functionality for many other HR processes like benefits administration, shift scheduling, project/task management, company files management, travel management, expense management, employee training management, employee performance management, employee benefits management, applicant tracking, onboarding, and time & attendance. Companies can choose to implement the full suite of applications, or choose specifically which of the modular features they’d like to use.

HRMatrix helps HR professionals easily manage each employee’s data. Once information is entered in the system, it will automatically populate those same fields in other places, which saves administrative time and reduces errors. The system offers a high level of automation on redundant tasks, and will automatically direct users to their next destination. It can also be set with rules to alert specific co-workers when changes are made.

We really like the Employee Content Manager feature. This allows administrators to attach and retain files in many formats including .pdf, .mp4, .mpg, .doc, and others. This way, users have easy access to forms signed by applicants, documents initialed by employees during hiring, and even employee work products. Other useful features include dynamic organization charts, a social networking platform, and the ability to tie together people and projects within the system. 

We recommend HRMatrix to companies in every industry, and it’s a particularly good fit for organizations with fifty to one thousand employees. It can be implemented quickly, and doesn’t require a large technical staff to maintain. OrbLogic is committed to being an agile and responsive partner, with rigorous quality assurance testing and frequent system updates


HRMatrix - Dashboard
  • HRMatrix - Dashboard
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    Employee Information
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    Leave Details
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    Project Details
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    Job Openings
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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