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RIVS is a Web-based, best-of-breed solution designed to handle all of a company’s interviewing needs, whether conducted via video, phone or in-person.

Hiring managers start by sending questions in text, audio or video form to their desired candidates. From there, candidates can type or record their audio or video responses, which can be submitted immediately to the recruiter. No matter what medium the response comes in, the answers can be saved for reviewing later.

RIVS also offers live-interviewing capabilities. Live interviews can be conducted and recorded via telephone, Web browser or the iOS mobile app, and unlimited colleagues can join in. Hiring managers can even create availability slots in their calendars for applicants to schedule a live interview time that works best for them—and reminders and text messages will ensure no interviews are missed.

To-dos that can be associated with a job position, candidate or the company in general can keep hiring tasks on track. And branding, candidate sharing and candidate reviewing features are also available.


RIVS - Live video interview
  • RIVS - Live video interview
    Live video interview
  • RIVS - Response recording
    Response recording
  • RIVS - Dashboard
  • RIVS - Candidate activity feed
    Candidate activity feed
  • RIVS - Calendar
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8

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Greg from High School District
Specialty: Education
Number of employees: 501-1,000 employees Employees number: 501-1,000 employees

January 2017

January 2017

RIVS: Helping School Districts to Hire Faster, Smarter and Cheaper!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

My school district reviewed several video interviewing platforms. We receive literally thousands of applications for teaching positions each year. Our dilemma was finding the best teachers possible without spending time, money and energy conducting thousands of face-to-face or telephone interviews. RIVS (Recorded Interview Video System) solved our problem via their one-way prerecorded video interviews. We love the various features and adaptability of the SaaS platform and all interviews are cloud-stored by RIVS! Now, instead of attending job fairs and interviewing only a handful of candidates who were brave enough to wait an hour in line, we collect email addresses and sent targeted interviews to every candidate who stops by our table. Those interviews are then shared with administrators across our school district. It's a win-win for our district and the job seekers. No more, "I waited in line for an hour and was asked two questions...are you kidding me?!"


Ease of use
Integration with Frontline's Appli-Track system
Customer Support


We love this product and have not found any "cons" yet.

Advice to Others

Do not let initial hesitations and concerns about discrimination risk prevent you from learning more about video interviewing. I'm convinced that video interviewing actually REDUCES the risk of employment discrimination. Why? All candidates for a job are asked the exact same questions. Hiring managers know their images and questions are recorded so video interviewing serves as a deterrent to hiring discrimination. No side comments or off-the-cuff remarks can be made by hiring agents (the types of comments that can get an employer in trouble). All candidates are provided the same amount of time to respond to questions. Candidate responses are scored independently by multiple administrators. In addition, studies have shown that minority candidates prefer video interviewing because it allows more personal, frank responses.

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