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Over 2,000 users in a variety of industry verticals use AdvancePro’s inventory management solutions to manage their buying, warehousing, selling and shipping processes. With a choice of on-premise or web-based deployment, this system offers offers over 200 new enhancements and add-ons, as well as 10 key modular services.

AdvancePro’s functionality helps companies oversee warehouses, especially in the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail, 3PL, medical devices and supplies and transportation markets.

The functionalities in AdvancePro’s software support users in building unlimited products, establishing target stock levels, allocating inventory across multiple locations or warehouses; it will even provide reorder notifications.

Users can reduce shrinkage and know what is on the truck by processing fulfillments and receipts on a smartphone or tablet. AdvancePro features functionality for pricing and discount management, and can report inventory valuation by LIFO, average cost and FIFO.

Landed costs capability allows users to ascertain the true cost of their inventory. Upgrades and technical support are unlimited, and for an additional fee users can request new functionalities tailored specifically to their business.

AdvancePro also allows users to generate and email pro-forma invoices and customer order quotations. Unlimited customer profiles are detailed, all the way down to preferred currency and pricing exceptions. Users can create customized user profiles to maintain appropriate access levels.

Web-based deployment offers an unlimited number of user profiles with immediate and simultaneous inventory and order access. 

AdvancePro integrates with QuickBooks and was rated five stars on the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace. 


AdvancePro - Product on vendor orders
  • AdvancePro - Product on vendor orders
    Product on vendor orders
  • AdvancePro - Inventory
  • AdvancePro - Apply landed costs
    Apply landed costs
  • AdvancePro - Receiving
  • AdvancePro - Warehouse panel
    Warehouse panel
  • AdvancePro - Add new product
    Add new product
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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Specialty: Automotive

Good to import your data to try.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

- Everything is a product.
- Improved system management to one database, so data only exists once.
- Easy to manage customer pricing, profitability and COGS by using the markup or setting up a price.
- Automatically calculates the available stock for kits based on the availability of the components in the kit.
- QuickBooks reporting with full item details.
- Simplified order picking, shipping, and purchasing
- Timely access to order and payment history directory on customer page.

Likes Least

Some details need polish. For example, if you are not familiar with this product, you will need to be patient.


Import all data to try the product and not just see the product.

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