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Gas stations and convenience stores seeking a powerful, cost-effective solution to manage their back office operations should take the time to review C-Store Office® by Petrosoft. The software was originally developed when a c-store owner with twenty locations searched the market for a business management solution and wasn't able to find anything to meet his needs. Commissioning a team of developers, this owner developed a product that is currently in use globally by thousands of gas stations and convenience stores.

C-Store Office® was designed to integrate all facets of your business into a single centralized system, increasing efficiency and profitability. With C-Store Office®, owners and operators have the inventory management, inventory optimization, demand forecasting, and reporting tools they need to drive revenue. C-Store Office® can lead to reduced inventory levels, increased Gross Profit Margin (GPM), improved accounting accuracy, increased store productivity, and much more.

From this centralized database, owners and managers can effectively monitor all critical store operations. This visibility streamlines the business while also improving team collaboration and data consistency. There are also more than 200 easily accessible reports built into the system, which was designed to integrate seamlessly with all major convenience store POS systems - Verifone Ruby, Sapphire, Wayne Nucleus and Gilbarco Passport, to name a few.

C-Store Office®is a web-based system, which eliminates any up-front IT investment. Petrosoft has already invested in enterprise-level technology and hardware, so all you pay is a low monthly subscription. There are no setup fees and no long-term commitment.  

We recommend Petrosoft to convenience stores and gas stations of all sizes seeking a powerful store automation system designed for their business.


Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS

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from Express Lane
Specialty: Retail
Size of portfolio: Single user Portfolio size: Single user

Worst experience ever!


It's not at all user-friendly. Everything is hidden, and you have to do five extra steps for a one-step problem.


It does meet our needs a little, but not being user-friendly makes it difficult to use.

Product Quality

It's pricey, has lot of bugs, and is not at all user-friendly.

Customer Support

When I have contacted them, they have been rude and have yelled at me when I did not understand the software and asked for it to be explained again.

Likes Best

There's nothing that I like best.

Likes Least

The software is not at all user-friendly. It would take someone - even someone who is a software engineer - a month to figure all the loops and hurdles to make it work. The syncing/pricebook feature takes an hour each time you update a product or promotion.


Go for something else; do not go for this. You will regret it later.

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