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Skuvault is a Web-based inventory management system designed with midsize to large retailers and warehouses in mind. It features standard inventory management applications, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, kitting, bill of materials, lot traceability and reporting.

The system integrates with dozens of other platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, ShipStation, ShipWorks, 3dcart, Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify and QuickBooks. SkuVault also features a quality control system that helps users ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly and is able to identify where an error occurred during the order fulfilment process.  

As a Web-based system, SkuVault is operating system agnostic and also offers mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows phones. SkuVault is priced as a monthly or annual subscription with upfront integration and launch package fees. Email and phone support is available for users, in addition to community forums. The system is available worldwide.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, IBM OS/400, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8

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