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Jarvis Legal is a legal practice management system designed for small and midsized law firms, from solo practitioners up to 50 attorneys (and 50 employees). Features include automatic time tracking, document management and reporting, as well as overall client and case management.

Jarvis Legal integrates with Microsoft Outlook allowing users to sync calendars and contacts between the applications. While the system is Web-based, users can work in offline mode via JarvisDrive desktop, meaning their work isn’t tied to an Internet connection. Users can collaborate with fellow co-counsels, and users with access can leave comments and view a change-timeline. Additionally, Jarvis will automatically extract data from documents to create new or add to existing contacts and cases.

Jarvis Legal is optimal for law firms worldwide and across all industries. The software is supported on all operating systems, with mobile offerings for iOS and Android. Priced per user per month or year, the product is available in tiers featuring different options for storage, caseload and breadth of functionality.


Jarvis Legal - Dashboard
  • Jarvis Legal - Dashboard
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  • Jarvis Legal - JarvisDrive
  • Jarvis Legal - Document template Assembly
    Document template Assembly
  • Jarvis Legal - Reporting
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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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from Brandi Partners International
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User-friendly billing tool



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
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Easy to customise, lots of options, reliable, easy to use on iPhone, responsive helpdesk

Likes Least

Not much. I did spot some minor bugs but they have been constantly improving and upgrading the product, taking advice from lawyers along the way so it has become a bit our product so to speak.


Jarvis is unique in terms of inviting fellow lawyers bill in your matters.

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