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Schoox is a social eLearning solution that makes it easy for companies to deliver employee training, development, and certification the way today’s generation wants it – on their phone, from anywhere and in a social setting.

Available online or through the iPhone App Store and Google Play, Schoox takes online training to the next level with the ability to create custom-branded academies that house company content including videos, images, lectures, documents, exams and third-party coursework. 

For large corporations, this ensures employee training is consistent and compliant across multiple stores, states or countries. Companies can also beef up their training library by adding expertly produced online video training and coursework.

A learning management system at the core, Schoox’s solution helps managers train employees before they walk through the door, while offering continuous learning options to boost compliance, self-learning and growth. Managers are able to create new courses on the fly through a simple drag-and-drop dashboard. Schoox also makes it easy to assign new coursework to everyone or specific groups.

As employees move through their coursework, managers can track individual progress, monitor how employees performed on exams and take advantage of opportunities to provide coaching or instruction. Schoox provides insights and reporting into the coursework so that managers can see which exam questions or video lectures cause roadblocks and address training needs immediately.

Completion badges, industry certifications, leadership and management courses and the ability to move from learner to instructor are available through the solution, creating an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Schoox is part of Red Book Connect, which was founded in January 2013. Schoox has delivered over half a million video lectures to its learners. 


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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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from PGCPS
Specialty: Education

it was ok as far as software goes



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

it was ok as far as software goes

Likes Best

ability to use it on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Likes Least

quick way to provide coursework for our users and see what they accomplished


I have no recommendations for there evaluating the software

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