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Concept Enterprise Product Configurator, developed by Configure One, is a stand-alone, web-based configurator designed specifically for products that are configurable, are customizable, or have multiple different options. The configurator software is compatible with both large and small businesses. It is meant for manufacturing, and can serve the needs of many different industries within the overall manufacturing industry.

Concept can be flexible according to the needs of the software buyer. The software can be used as a sales configurator and proposal generation tool, a production configurator, or both. Quotation and Pricing, BOM and Routings, Visualization, and other components can be optionally added on to the system. In addition, the system has the capability to integrate with multiple other business systems. These include SAP, Oracle, IFS, JD Edwards,, and many others.

Concept can handle operations for both sales and production. It can generate BOM’s, quotes, three-dimensional graphic displays, and other helpful tools. As a web-based system, it can be accessed on-the-go from almost any location and by remote users such as salespeople and dealers. In addition, the web-based nature of this software enables a smooth implementation process, even when the adopter lacks programming or other sophisticated computer skills.

In specializing on companies that offer configurable products, this system is built to reflect highly specific needs - as such, it minimizes the waste of using a system with many inappropriate functions. The system leverages automated processes that minimize error; one example is the automatic prevention of choosing incompatible options within the system.


Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Configure Products
  • Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Configure Products
    Configure Products
  • Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Prevent Users from Choosing Incompatible Options
    Prevent Users from Choosing Incompatible Options
  • Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Produce BOM's, Routings, and Product Images
    Produce BOM's, Routings, and Product Images
  • Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Generate Sales and Production Drawings
    Generate Sales and Production Drawings
  • Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Robust Quotation Generation Functionality
    Robust Quotation Generation Functionality
  • Concept Enterprise Product Configurator - Generate Quote Documents
    Generate Quote Documents
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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from MicroMo Electronics, Inc.
Specialty: Other Industry
Number of employees: 51 to 100 employees Employees number: 51 to 100 employees

Configure One gave us a Fantastic Return on our Investment



Product Quality

Product Quality


Likes Best

The product is very easy to use. We have a 500 page catalog with over 4.5 million potential combinations. We implemented the configurator in 6 months and was even able to include all our "special" scenarios. The technical skill of the Configure One team and their follow-up was fantastic.

Likes Least

We had to create our own piece of software to allow us to upload Driven Input Data from Excel data sheets (All other ways of adding data can be uploaded from Excel). We feel this feature is the only thing lacking from the product.


Configure One offered a proof of concept Demo. I strongly recommend to others to come up with a challenging scenario of what you would need the software to configure. Having the Configure One team down to our site to teach them one of our challenging scenario and then be able to see the software properly configure our product was instrumental in our decision making process. We had 100% confidence that we were purchasing the right product.

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