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With more than 25 years of industry experience, Mattec MES by Epicor is a powerful Manufacturing Execution software that is very well-suited to plastic molders, repetitive manufacturers and those with an assembly process that involves multiple machines. With Mattec MES, these manufacturers have a complete solution to monitor and optimize all plant operations. 

Mattec MES helps manufacturers monitor and control their business, giving them the competitive advantage of being able to anticipate and address any challenges before they occur. With accurate information available 24/7, companies can make sure that they're scheduling production effectively. Mattec MES helps reduce scrap and waste and lowers machine downtime while also making the plant more productive with shorter cycle times and higher equipment efficacy.

Instead of increasing their expenditure when it comes to equipment and other resources, Mattec MES lets manufacturers do more with their existing resources by identifying inefficient resource allocations and finding new capacity within the business. 

The software offers at-a-glance visibility into operations, real-time scheduling and process monitoring. Users can easily monitor up to 100,000 cycles and can quickly see production details and descriptors. Maintenance teams can also access machine condition reports to better plan preventive maintenance. There are additional integrations to accounting and manufacturing estimating capabilities.

We recommend Mattec MES to repetitive manufacturers in several industries: automotive, electronics, injection molding metal fabrication and more.


Epicor Mattec MES - Mattec analytics
  • Epicor Mattec MES - Mattec analytics
    Mattec analytics
  • Epicor Mattec MES - Top 5 display
    Top 5 display
  • Epicor Mattec MES - Client process sheet
    Client process sheet
  • Epicor Mattec MES - Real-time display
    Real-time display
  • Epicor Mattec MES - Plant floor viewer
    Plant floor viewer
  • Epicor Mattec MES - Cost of energy
    Cost of energy
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Eric from Applied Medical Resources
Specialty: Medical Products

September 2015

September 2015

Overall a great product, but maintenance is getting expensive.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

The real-time display for monitoring machines. Our production facilities have large displays showing the status of the machines in each room. If a machine ever goes down, the status turns red, and the floor supervisors can investigate promptly.

Likes Least

Maintenance is getting more and more expensive. They do not offer multi-year discounts, and each year is now costing nearly double what we started at three years ago. I am a systems administrator and have been tasked by production management to investigate other options to get away Mattec MES.

The software is pre-canned and not customizable. Modifications can be made by Epicor, but be prepared to pay handsomely.

The technology is a bit behind its time, and they are long overdue for a rewrite. We host this on a VM in our datacenter, but this renders the audio alerting system useless for our remote production facilities. Support has stated you must run a local physical server with a sound card to take advantage of the feature.


Being a pre-canned software, be sure it fits all your needs and will work in your environment. Request a POC of the software, set up a test facility with a machine or two, and run through all your manufacturing processes from scheduling, materials, maintenance, down-time, anything you can think of.

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