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LillyWorks from LW Performance is web-based Manufacturing Resource Planning, or Manufacturing ERP, software that provides companies with a reliable way to adjust to real-time changes, predict outcomes, and ensure on-time deliveries. The program is Mac-compatible and is accessible on connected mobile devices.

At the core of LillyWorks is its Protected Flow Manufacturing piece. This collection of features helps manufacturers maximize flow and protect deadlines by taking a new approach to production planning and execution. Turn-by-turn navigation makes sure potential obstacles are flagged in advance and help drivers choose the shortest and safest routes. The system also provides clear task lists that automatically adjust in real time to make sure deadlines are met on all jobs no matter what comes up. Lastly, wait times are reduced as each job is released at the optimal time to get the best flow of materials into sold products.


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  • LillyWorks - Dashboards
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    Engineering 1
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    Protected Flow Manufacturing Framework
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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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Matt from Kirsan Engineering
Specialty: Job Shop
Number of employees: 11-50 employees Employees number: 11-50 employees

January 2017

January 2017

Easy to Use, GREAT visibility to costs



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

LillyWorks is opening our eyes to our processes and costs to manufacture products. Even before “going-live” with LillyWorks, while building engineering models & documenting workflow process, we are immediately able to see inefficiencies that were previously undiscovered. We already have the visibility necessary to identify the products that cost more to make than our sales price. With one product, in particular, we immediately worked with our tooling vendor and our production team to tackle the problem. In one 2-hour session, we reduced tooling and cycle time costs by 200%, enough to more than pay for the total cost of the system. We would not have discovered this opportunity without the instant visibility to costs that Lillyworks provides.

We bought LillyWorks for the scheduling. With our broad range of products and processes, we need to pull products through the shop as efficiently as possible. What we have discovered on the way to bringing that online is an easy-to-use system that naturally highlights potential pitfalls and opportunities for improvement.


Easy to Use; Web-Based; Manufacturing Execution; Visibility to costs; Manage by exception;


None at this time

Advice to Others

Great product that allows you to schedule as you run your operations. Will help minimize Excel spreadsheets.


Melissa from Howard Precision Incorporated
Specialty: Metal Fabrication

May 2016

May 2016

Great software for machine shops! Really good for schedule & costing!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

LillyWorks team is extremely supportive! This software is very user friendly & visually aesthetic, not overwhelming at all. LillyWorks delivers on their mission! You can access & use LillyWorks anywhere, anytime, no matter how many "users" on & from your smartphone too!

Likes Least

At this time there is not one thing I dislike about this software & company. Anything I ever had an issue, or dislike with, at the time of use, I contacted LillyWorks support team & they walked me through the issues & provided a solution for me right away.


I have evaluated a handful of software companies that can not & will not ever meet the standards, quality & support LillyWorks offers. I looked for ease of use, functionality, quality, support, data collection, the scheduling & the costing options when searching for & using other software's. Before LillyWorks, the MRP software our company had been using for years, was simply a "data collection" program. The "options" it provided didn't work because it didn't consider real time, real shop life situations. LillyWorks can. I actually started the implamentation process of another software prior to using LillyWorks that became unnecessarily complicated & didn't meet our shop needs. LillyWorks encompasses all you would need & more in an MRP system, with out the headache of unneeded extras & anxieties of it not working. Look at your immediate needs in a software like this & think of the people in your company who would utilize it & require training, how you would need a simple, direct, user friendly software to meet these needs & more. LillyWorks covers it!

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