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Mid-sized Engineered to Order Industrial Machinery manufacturers in the US and Canada may find Questica ETO to be a great fit for maximizing the profitability of their unique operations. It was designed ten years ago exclusively for ETO manufacturers and is available for on-premise deployment.

Questica ETO’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) functionality helps companies increase effectiveness by automating the front end of production processes. It allows users to cost and plan materials, machinery, and labor, schedule resources, and automate quoting. Questica ETO’s Manufacturing Execution functionality accounts for constraints and production bottlenecks in real-time. It supports production and shop floor operations with production and labor tracking, work-in-progress reporting, scrap reporting, and equipment utilization. Analyze and present information with Business Intelligence capabilities to support decision-making and automate both goal setting and corporate planning. Questica ETO also offers strong integrated functionality for Customer Relationship Management and Manufacturing Estimating.

A robust Financial Accounting module helps companies efficiently manage their financial transactions. Users can record and process transactions within accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the general ledger. Questica ETO’s accounting capabilities go beyond the basics to include in-house payroll support as well as support for multiple languages and currencies.

Questica ETO supports lean manufacturing through exhaustive planning, reduced waste, and optimal resource allocation. We recommend it for Industrial Machinery ETO manufacturers looking to advance beyond paper records and spreadsheets to a comprehensive and powerful suite of applications designed to meet their unique needs.


Questica ETO - BOM screen
  • Questica ETO - BOM screen
    BOM screen
  • Questica ETO - Main menu
    Main menu
  • Questica ETO - Parts order
    Parts order
  • Questica ETO - Procurement
  • Questica ETO - Sales labor estimate
    Sales labor estimate
  • Questica ETO - Sample material costing report
    Sample material costing report
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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