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A solution for managing workforce, machines, and orders, ShopVue is a shop floor control solution that streamlines production. The system is designed to collect data for discrete manufacturers who are job-centric. The sysem provides visibility of the shop floor in real-time, and can interface with the user’s existing enterprise resource planning system.

The 18 modules of ShopVue include labor tracking production planning, monitoring of machines, component control, and time and attendance tracking. The system’s data collection capabilities are designed to lower costs, make employees more productive, and enhance the utilization of machines and other capital.

A graphical sequencing tool helps improve the planning process for discrete manufacturers, while paperless dispatch functions can help transmit assignments and instructions over the Internet from one user to another. The vendor, Casco development, guarantees an implementation process time of as little as 12 weeks. Casco Development has been producing manufacturing data collection solutions since 1984.

ShopVue functionality can be divided by role in manufacturing organizations - such as plant managers, supervisors, and human resources. Multiple customization and configuration options exist within the system to allow flexibility for adjusting to the preferences of each individual business.

Casco offers services and support for the ShopVue solution through implementation services, customization engineering services (enabling third party integration and other specific additions), training, and other forms of customer support. Casco also partners with other ERP systems to interface with solutions from SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and others. Casco serves customers worldwide, with headquarters in Portland, Maine.


ShopVue - Operator Console Home Page
  • ShopVue - Operator Console Home Page
    Operator Console Home Page
  • ShopVue - Operator Console Workpoint Page
    Operator Console Workpoint Page
  • ShopVue - Graphical Sequencer
    Graphical Sequencer
  • ShopVue - Supervisor Week-at-a-Glance Screen
    Supervisor Week-at-a-Glance Screen
  • ShopVue - Links to a Specific Order to Support Paperless Dispatching
    Links to a Specific Order to Support Paperless Dispatching
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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October 2010

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