Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) Software


Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) is a web-based product for technology companies with outsourced manufacturing operations.  It supports the unique manufacturing, supply chain and financial needs of semiconductor and high tech businesses, and is designed to scale with growth and changing business requirements.

Some of the kinds of manufacturers that benefit from Tensoft FSM include: fabless and traditional semiconductor, integrated circuit, optical, RF, MEMS, solid state device, LED and solar.  Tensoft’s user base ranges from start-up organizations to established public companies.  Tensoft FSM can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, hosted at a SAS70 Type II data center.  The product is delivered as an end-to-end ERP system, with a low total cost of ownership and a fast return on investment.

Tensoft FSM’s key differentiators start with its unique Manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM) which is designed to handle the industry’s “inverted BOM.”  Instead of the traditional ERP BOM that is designed to manage multiple parts for each product, Tensoft FSM is designed to manage a BOM made of parts that “explode” to build multiple products.  This supports many of the other features that are critical for this industry, such as the ability to consolidate and analyze WIP, yield and attributes across vendors and over time, and the ability to track lot genealogy, both forwards and backwards.

As an end-to-end ERP system, Tensoft FSM provides a complete audit history, and supports historical reporting – critical system of record information is retained in the system, rather than just being provided at a single point in time.  In addition, Tensoft FSM manages and integrates data from outsourced vendors, including fabs, test, assembly and fulfillment subcontractors.

Tensoft was founded in 1996 and has been an active member of the Global Semiconductor Association (GSA) since 2002.  In addition to selling Tensoft FSM and other software products for the technology industry, Tensoft offers complete consulting, training and support services for its products.


Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) - Supply Analysis
  • Tensoft Fabless Semiconductor Management (FSM) - Supply Analysis
    Supply Analysis
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    Master Production Schedule
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    Production Control
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    Cost Breakdown
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    Available to Promise
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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Windows 2000

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