ToolTrack Platform


The ToolTrack Platform is a scalable Web-based operations management and manufacturing execution system for small to mid-sized businesses. Each implementation of ToolTrack is completely customized to the client, and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model doesn’t require additional hardware or IT infrastructure.

Operations management, manufacturing execution and quality control modules are all integrated within the ToolTrack Platform. Companies have visibility over their full cycle of production on the shop floor, from WIP tracking and inventory management, to personnel and equipment performance.

Reporting tools are built directly into the ToolTrack interface and allow users to create reports on the fly and share them with others. Customizable dashboards provide important information at a quick glance.

ToolTrack offers unlimited users and transactions for a no-commitment monthly subscription. This solution is best suited for companies with 200 employees or fewer operating as job shops, or manufacturers in semiconductor or biotechnology.


ToolTrack  - Dashboard
  • ToolTrack  - Dashboard
  • ToolTrack  - Interval-based PM Calendar
    Interval-based PM Calendar
  • ToolTrack  - Inspection Log
    Inspection Log
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Brian from Kaiam
Specialty: Electronics

April 2016

April 2016

Control of volume manufacturing optical electronics



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

A user friendly interface for managing raw materials consumption into sub assemblies and then the final product.
The ability to create and configure our business and product specific data, via a Super User back end in real time, without having to log a request with the developers.
The options available within I-Track to view reports and access to all of the data for easy download of CSV files.
Ian clearly has an understanding of manufacturing and process control, which helps considerably when we are discussing and developing Continuous Improvements for the business.

Likes Least

The core product itself, and the requirements given by the business to I-Track at the beginning, have given the business what we have asked for so far - so no problems there.
One area that would help the business would be a quicker turn around for enhancement / development requests. As an individual, I can understand how some tasks can be time consuming and workload requests can pile up. The business leaders however, expect requests and solutions to be delivered in a quick turnaround time.
Having said that, Ian is always supportive and positive with his dealings with us.


Clearly define what your business requirements are and wherever possible, provide examples / mock ups (even drawn on paper) of how the system needs to look and feel. I-Track developers will work out the mechanics of the final solution.
It is more important to get the images out of your head for what the system will look and feel like when it is built.
Never assume anything and test the system with as many of the final end users as possible before going fully live.