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Image Relay is a cloud-based solution that helps SMBs and enterprises upload, distribute, monitor and manage their digital content.

The solution was launched in 2002 and has clients across the globe from various industries. It allows users to create a customized portal with their brand logo, colors and other details.

Users can manage their file repository and share it with other people without granting direct login access. In a single click, direct download links or an entire folder can be shared instantly with multiple people.

The solution offers advanced search functionality that supports full text search within documents. Users can further manage metadata and tags attached to documents for quick and autofilled search.

Image Relay offers scalable storage to growing businesses that require increasing amounts of space for archiving additional data.

Video and audio files are converted to HTML5 by the solution, which allows users to quickly preview their files before starting the download.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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