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With high functionality in an intuitive drag-and-drop format, Mailigen raises the bar in Marketing Automation technology, providing a comprehensive email campaign and integrated marketing system. We recommend this system for mid-sized companies in a handful of industries, including E-commerce, Advertising, Banking, Media, and more.

Within the email marketing functionality, Mailigen allows users to drag text boxes, images, and other email components to arrange the email to their exact specifications. All important functions that are imperative to the email creation process are available in a single toolbar in order to maximize efficiency. Team members can use the professionally-designed templates to give each email a well-designed appearance that puts the company’s best foot forward.

Email contacts can be stored in a clean, organized list that can be easily exported into a CSV file. Lists can be separated by each customer’s behavior to help reach a more specific target audience, so that users can further customize emails based upon whether or not the audience typically opens and clicks through links.

Among Mailigen’s features, we really like the social media integration. With this application, each marketing message can be sent not only to email contacts, but also to the contacts on Facebook or Twitter. By informing social media followers about new campaigns, companies can generate interest, while potentially increasing the list of those that have signed up for email campaigns.

Mailigen provides more than email campaigns, but also unique online survey integration and text messaging capabilities for deeper integration in client’s marketing strategy.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Linda from Cheap Homes Kenya
Specialty: Advertising

April 2014

April 2014

Excellent Mailigen!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

The social media integration is perfect. I like the way I can post into pages.

Likes Least

I just like majority of the features; that's all. The limitations are few.


Mailigen is one of the best systems to get your email campaign started. To start with, there is a money back guarantee; that gives you the option to get back your investment if the software is not helping you. I think this is one of the biggest steps a confident software company can take.

Anyway, to the features. I like their social medial integration. The fact that I can post to people's inboxes and to my Facebook page makes my campaigns very easy to manage. The analytics are excellent to say the least, and I get to know every detail that I must about the performance of my emails. The complex systems underlying the architecture of Mailigen are sweetly packed in a very easy-to-use and customizable interface. I like this product. Its awesomely valuable!

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