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SmartSign2go is a digital signage solution for small businesses throughout North America. It allows users to display a variety of content on TV screens including videos, photos, text, website snippets, weather, information tickers and more.

SmartSign2go converts TV screens into advertising boards that can be used for in-store marketing, advertising and communication. Users can deploy the system with no initial setup or software to install. SmartSign2go provides a player that includes both a mini computer and a design creator.

SmartSign2go also allows users to design their signage independently, or they can start from pre-built templates using drag and drop widgets. It also comes with a variety of apps including YouTube, Google Maps, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yammer and more.

The Sign Player can run on any TV with an HDMI port and can be controlled from anywhere with a computer or tablet.


SmartSign2go - Dashboard
  • SmartSign2go - Dashboard
  • SmartSign2go - Signage editor
    Signage editor
  • SmartSign2go - TV gym signage
    TV gym signage
  • SmartSign2go - Design interfaces
    Design interfaces
Supported Operating System(s):
Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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