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Absolute Manage MDM provides a unified console for companies to manage and secure all Android, iOS and Windows Mobile endpoints. It allows for management over wireless connections, including both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Absolute Manage MDM lets administrators remotely install and configure apps, lock devices, change and reset passwords and wipe devices. It controls file-sharing and media access without requiring input from end-users.

The platform gathers hardware and software data analysis, monitoring and reporting. Policies can be scheduled so users have a defined window of time to access secured documents or networks, and sensitive files can be distributed to devices without using email.

Unique to Absolute Manage is persistence technology, which provides visibility and control of all devices, regardless of user or location. If a client is removed from an endpoint, Absolute will automatically reinstall so that the device and its information can be retrieved—even if the firmware is flashed, the device reimaged or wiped clean or the hard drive is replaced.


Absolute Manage MDM - Servers
  • Absolute Manage MDM - Servers
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    Client information
  • Absolute Manage MDM - Setup
  • Absolute Manage MDM - iOS interface
    iOS interface
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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