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BreezyNotes EHR is an integrated, cloud-based practice management solution geared specifically for mental health professionals. A full suite of applications can be utilized by small to mid-sized practices in order to automate daily office functions.

Featured applications include Electronic Medical Records, Medical Billing, Patient Scheduling, and Accounting. The at-a-glance calendar allows users to view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules laid out for individual therapists or the entire practice. Color coding shows upcoming appointments, clients that have already been seen, who's ready to be billed, and who’s already paid. The calendar also features drag-and-drop editing for client scheduling. BreezyNotes progress notes are based on the SOAP note and, when possible, client data is pre-populated in the note from the previous session. The Billing system manages payments from both clients and insurance, and can also handle secondary insurance and temporary authorizations.

BreezyNotes is partnered with cloud services provider, 7 Medical Systems, to host their solution on HIPAA compliant, SSAE16 audited servers. 


BreezyNotes EHR - Calendar
  • BreezyNotes EHR - Calendar
  • BreezyNotes EHR - Individual treatment plan
    Individual treatment plan
  • BreezyNotes EHR - Authorizations
  • BreezyNotes EHR - Payments
  • BreezyNotes EHR - Therapist commission report
    Therapist commission report
  • BreezyNotes EHR - Supervisee Report
    Supervisee Report
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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from Tranquility Therapy
Specialty: Mental & behavioral health
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BreezyNotes EHR



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality

Just beginning to use this EHR System. It is a fairly easy system for Progress Notes and Calendar, but the Patient Portal and Patient Reminder options are not functional and remain in the IT development phase. Entering information is only somewhat integrated, and much has to be entered manually versus automatically generated. Billing is a bit complicated, especially in terms of set-up and follow-through. Customer support is very good and often personally answered by the owner. System does not automatically back-up data, as it is entered and/or written. If document is not periodically and manually saved, you run the risk of being automatically logged-out of the system and losing all of your document writing. :-(


Billing Service is a nice feature; again a little cumbersome and not very intuitive or integrated. Somewhat difficult to learn and implement on the provider side.


Not very easy to learn, does not back-up data, no options for transcribing notes or verbally entering data, no patient reminder - not fully set-up, patient portal is not functional for use yet, system is not auto - integrated so much material and entering has to be done manually, versus auto generated. Treatment Plan does not have pre-populated choices, and evidence based goals and strategies have to be completely written by therapist without any optional selections, or pre-populated fields/choices.

Advice to Others

Good option for price and value; not the most intuitive program. Patient portal and patient reminders are not functional options yet, as they are still being developed.

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