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With over 10 years of experience, Exscribe developed EHR and PM solutions specific to the Orthopedic specialty that maintains a strong focus on compliance. The EHR was designed to be easily learned by all users, so that orders and prescriptions can be quickly issued in a single click.

As a strictly-Orthopedic solution, Exscribe EHR ensures that Orthopedists will not have to work around features that are not useful for them. By surrounding Orthopedists with the tools that are most applicable, physician workflow stays organized without requiring excessive, time-consuming customization. Exscribe EHR also easily adapts to multiple workflow preferences, so that the system can accommodate the needs of doctors who prefer to dictate notes, as well as those who prefer classic note documentation.

Exscribe PM features a full Practice Management solution to streamline all office functions. The demographics window provides rich patient information in a single space, and is organized so that all data can be accessed with minimal clicks. The appointment scheduler module includes color coordination, multiple views, and the ability to display the schedules of multiple doctors simultaneously. This way, appointment mix-ups are eliminated, and staff can make modifications to appointments as needed, with minimal hassle.

With its robust billing component, Exscribe PM can swiftly submit claims, allowing physicians to receive speedy reimbursement.

We recommend Exscribe EHR & PM for Orthopedic-specific practices of all sizes seeking a feature-rich Practice Management and Electronic Health Records solution.


Exscribe EHR & PM - Overview
  • Exscribe EHR & PM - Overview
  • Exscribe EHR & PM - Appointments
  • Exscribe EHR & PM - Overview
  • Exscribe EHR & PM - Overview
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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