MedcomSoft Record Medical Software


MedcomSoft Record is an ONC-ATCB certified integrated electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution used by practices of all sizes.

MedcomSoft Record includes an advanced medical record system, integrated practice management system, provider order entry system, document management system, referral and authorization system, disease management and health maintenance system, electronic prescription module, scheduling and patient portal.

It has a variety of dynamic tools for inter-office workflow, clinical decision support and coding and compliance. MedcomSoft Record generates numerically coded and structured patient charts, with which users can study clinical and practice management data related to disease, patients or population.

MedcomSoft also provides practice management services, where practice optimization specialists work with a practice’s staff to provide training and assistance to help identify areas where efficiency can be improved.


MedcomSoft Record - Patient portal
  • MedcomSoft Record - Patient portal
    Patient portal
  • MedcomSoft Record - Check-in
  • MedcomSoft Record - Encounter note
    Encounter note
  • MedcomSoft Record - Vital screen
    Vital screen
  • MedcomSoft Record - Labs
  • MedcomSoft Record - Medication refills
    Medication refills
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS

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