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Open Source Clinical Application and Resource (OSCAR) EMR is a nonprofit organization that was founded by the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University in 2001. OSCAR is an ISO 13485:2003 certified electronic medical record (EMR) solution for practices of all sizes. It is an open source system with no licensing fees attached.

Oscar EMR has served over 800 clinics and 1.5 million patients across Canada. It can be deployed on-premise as well as in the cloud. It also features a medical billing system.

Features of OSCAR EMR include collection of health care information, complete billing capabilities, chronic disease management tools, prescription module and scheduling. OSCAR EMR offers chronic disease management (CDM) tools such as chronic disease management FlowSheets, chronic disease management audit tools and maternity care forms. It also allows the users to attach multimedia files to the existing patient information.


OSCAR EMR - Appointment scheduling
  • OSCAR EMR - Appointment scheduling
    Appointment scheduling
  • OSCAR EMR - Billing
  • OSCAR EMR - eForm
  • OSCAR EMR - Electronic chart
    Electronic chart
  • OSCAR EMR - Inbox
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8

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Eileen from Welcome Medical
Specialty: Family medicine
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

January 2017

January 2017

Oscar-Peter Everette



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

OSCAR is a decent EMR with pretty ease of functionality and convenience of information. I enjoy it being web based and having a remote option.
The one big caveat is dealing with the support team, namely Peter Everette. Our clinic is based out of New West and our clinic manager has a difficult time dealing with him if anything problem should arise. As a physician, I have spoken to him many times over the phone and he definitely does not know the meaning of customer service. He is condescending, arrogant and unlikely to admit any wrong. He points you on a wild goose chase before actually giving you an answer, or argumentative when simple issues could be solved with a few words. Instead, he berates you and scolds you for not knowing his system. Myself, other colleagues in the clinic and our clinic manager have all had similar experiences. It's a shame he's so difficult to work with.


Many functions work great with OSCAR including changing preferences to accommodate to your own clinic. You can add things to make your life easier which an EMR system should be doing.


Peter Everette - the biggest con about this product or system. When any situation arises, he is by far one of the most difficult people to deal with. His lack of mannerism, the ability to work with others and general condescending tone and arrogance makes it very hard to work with. Although he is the owner of the company, he is by far the worst to deal with compared to others.

Advice to Others

It's a decent EMR product but could be better if Peter would provide better customer service.

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Dr. Christopher from Dr. Christopher Sedergreen Inc

August 2015

August 2015

OSCAR User for 4 years


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

This is an open source software which is web based, so that it will function on any OS platform. Since it is open source it means it is also free! You can download it at no cost from the Sourceforge web site, and if you have sufficient computer schools, you can unpack it and start using it.

There is also a very vibrant and active community of OSCAR users who communicate with each other on a daily basis and provide mutual support.

The system was devised by physicians and computer scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. That's one of the reasons that it a) free and b) under continuing evaluation, improvement and upgrade. I'm using version 12. This is 'mature' software that is thoughtfully developed and in widespread use in many parts of the world.

Because the software is open source, you are not at the mercy of a developer/service provider who can jerk you around and exploit your dependence on them. If you don't like your OSCAR service provider or their fees, you can jump ship at a moment's notice and go to another one. (My own experience has been extremely positive with my own service provider, both in terms of low monthly support fees and prompt and obliging service. We don't tend to promote one service provider over another, but it's a good idea to get off-line recommendations from current users.)

Because it is web based I can log into my EMR from anywhere in the world. But don't think that means the system is insecure. My server is well protected against hackers. IN fact patient confidentiality remains a constant point of discussion on the listserves. We are all very focused on security.

On the other hand there are circumstances where patients want access to parts of their medical record - for instance while traveling away from home. This is where the parallel program MyOSCAR comes in. If you choose to do this (and only if you choose) you can provide as much or as little access as you want through MyOSCAR to your patients. You remain in control of that.

Since this is a Canadian development most of the over 2000 users are located in various parts of this country. However, we also have contact with physician users all over the world, from South America, to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the antipodes.

For more information visit the web site: https://oscar-emr.com/


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