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Quest is a web-based claim filing and medical billing system designed to provide a cost-effective solution for physicians in a variety of specialties, including cardiology, nephrology, neurology, and more. By outsourcing billing and claim filing, practices can ensure that all claims are accurately processed, while eliminating overhead expenses, such as employees hired specifically to file claims with insurance companies.

With Quest, medical claims are scrubbed for errors upon filing, leading to a claim resolutions rate of 90% or above. By reducing clerical errors and data entry issues, claims are easily approved, so that practices and physicians can be paid quickly, in the full amount they are owed. As a web-based solution, the implementation fee is small compared to other similar systems. All support and training is included within the initial purchase, and the system is entirely HIPAA compliant, to ensure maximum security and protection.

Quest also has the ability to outsource parts of the billing process, so that if there a certain parts of the billing process that a practice does not want to do themselves, they can depend on Quest to manage those parts of the billing process for them. Many billing systems are unable to cohesively speak to the system a practice is currently using, resulting in patient data needing to be entered manually. However, Quest can easily convert all patient demographic information from one system to the other, eliminating the hassle and having all data imported into the new system within 48 hours.


Quest National Services
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Windows 8

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from CAImaging
Specialty: Radiology / imaging
Number of employees: 11 to 20 employees Employees number: 11 to 20 employees

Great Service with excellent turnaround times



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
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I like the timeliness for reporting, charge entry, and working denials that are received. I've found Quest's communication to be unmatched by any of my prior billing companies. I've very satisfied!

Likes Least

They are not the cheapest solution in the marketplace; however, I feel like for the premium I've paid, I receive the attention and service I need.


They didn't sell me software; they offered me options that met my needs. They guided me through the process and completed all billing-related tasks on the software I chose.

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