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Uniwide is an on-premise hospital information system that helps hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers systematically computerize all of their administrative processes. It is suitable for medical businesses of all sizes, but is particularly tailored to large organizations.

Uniwide offers an expansive series of hospital management modules. The business process module helps users understand and update their organizational structures and activities, while the analytics and business intelligence modules help glean insights from data gathered.

IT services are also available as a unique, flexible IT environment is designed for each business during the deployment phase.

Backend processes, ranging from inventory, accounts and payroll management, can also be maintained within the Uniwide suite. These services are designed to extend the capacities of Uniwide and deliver a complete patient solution.

Users can purchase Uniwide on either a one-time per terminal basis or a per month subscription basis. Support is available around the clock, all year long.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux, Unix, Windows 8

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