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Last updated: October 1, 2014

Top 10 Most Reviewed Urology EMR Software Systems

MediTouch EHR Electronic Health Record Software Urologists looking for the biggest bang for their buck would be wise to evaluate Meditouch from HealthFusion. Ideal for smaller practices, this web-based system is customizable to fit your needs.
        228 Reviews


in the last 30 days
PrognoCIS by Bizmatics PrognoCIS provides ONC-ATCB-certified EMR services to urology practices of up to 25 physicians. The software is delivered via the cloud, so it's accessible anywhere with an Internet connection. It's comes as an iPad / iPhone app.
        209 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Benchmark Systems Benchmark Clinical's web-based EHR, billing, and scheduling system is both ONC-ATCB and CCHIT certified. Designed to fit various medical specialties--like urology--it's a great solution for managing small practices.
        158 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Kareo Kareo's Web-based small practice management solution gives physicians and administrators the ability to automate payment reconciliation, submit claims online, arranging fee schedules, and more. It's both affordable and intuitive.
        147 Reviews


in the last 30 days
2014 WRS Health WRS Health offers specific capabilities for more than 35 specialties, including urology. It's a Web-based practice management, electronic health record (EHR) and e-prescribing tool that is CCHIT and ONC-ATCB certified.
        102 Reviews


in the last 30 days

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NueMD NueMD can be used by smaller urology practices. It's a fully integrated EHR, billing and patient scheduling system. It is ONC-ATCB certified and offers deep functionality for clinical workflows. NueSoft also offers a mobile app.
        81 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Centricity GE Healthcare’s Centricity EHR includes comprehensive functionality for urology practices. It also supports integration with other systems and communication with other practices involved in a patient’s care.
         55 Reviews


in the last 30 days
ADP AdvancedMD EHR and Practice Management Software AdvancedMD can be used by small and medium urology practices. It's an ONC-ATCB certified EMR that can be integrated with patient scheduling and medical billing. It's available as a web-based or on-premise system.
         43 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Praxis EMR Praxis EMR can help urologists chart more quickly without the limitations of templates. This fully-customizable EMR includes an artificial intelligence engine that learns a practice's style to facilitate easier charting.
       41 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Greenway PrimeSUITE Greenway began offering urology-specific templates in 2003 and now provides more than 70 customizable templates for adult and pediatric urologic cases. Additional features include device integration and pre-op / post-op templates.
         33 Reviews


in the last 30 days

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Buyer's Guide

When it comes to Urology EHR market share, there are four major players fighting for the top spot. The first and third are familiar names—Allscripts (17.6%) and Epic Systems Corp. (14.5%)—that appear at the top of most of our Meaningful Use (MU) attestation reports. Second and fourth are Intuitive Medical Software (17.6%) and meridianEMR (10.7%), both urology-focused products who have made 95% or more of their sales in this particular field.

Urology EHR Market Share
VendorAttestationsMarket Share
Allscripts 768 17.6%
Intuitive Medical Software 689 15.8%
Epic Systems Corporation 632 14.5%
meridianEMR, Inc. 468 10.7%

These four vendors represent almost three-fifths (58.9%) of the urology EHR market. There’s a big jump from fourth to fifth place. The next set of products are all bigger-name cross-specialty EHRs, with 1% to 6% market share each.

VendorAttestationsMarket Share
NextGen Healthcare 258 5.9%
GE Healthcare 183 4.2%
Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. 176 4.0%
eClinicalWorks LLC 168 3.9%
Community Computer Service, Inc. 140 3.2%
Vitera Healthcare Solutions, LLC 80 1.8%
Cerner Corporation 72 1.7%
McKesson 52 1.2%
athenahealth, Inc 50 1.1%

Below that are 107 more products, each with less than 1% market share. Altogether, 85.7% of urology EHR sales go to these top thirteen vendors.

Out of 4,220 providers, there are 106 who use a modular product. Most of these are used in conjunction with another modular EHR: 43 of them used multiple Cerner products, but other popular combinations include Jardogs/Allscripts and Wellcentive/DrFirst. Only 1% (42 providers) are using the data in an inpatient setting--the rest are all ambulatory.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has published Meaningful Use data on their website. Although that data is not exactly the same as market share, we’ve been using them to create market share reports since the data is related: any EHR worth considering will be ONC-ATCB certified, so although the cross section of data being reported is different, the proportions will likely be similar.

Of the 171,226 medical providers attesting to Meaningful Use in the CMS data, 4,220 of those were Urologists. That data has been pulled into a separate file, available here

Urology Medical Software Overview

Urologists need a system that supports them in treating their patients in a discreet, respectful manner, while maintaining all the functionality of generic and specialty electronic medical record (EMR) / electronic health record (EHR) solutions. These features include:

Urology SOAP notes templates Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, urology EMRs have dozens of customized templates for every condition imaginable, including: cystoscopy, hematuria, incontinence, infertility, prostate screening and/or cancer, sexual dysfunction, UTI, and vasectomy. These templates can often be customized, but most physicians prefer simply taking advantage of the ample pre-existing templates already at their disposal.
Urology-specific medication management Your urology workflow solution can suggest medications, and can help prevent errors by alerting the physician if he or she tries to prescribe a dangerous or ineffective dosage, or urispas instead of urocit for a patient with kidney stones. These alerts are customizable to the needs of the physician.
Urology-specific coding & billing Urology-specific EMRs use the unique vocabulary of urologists, incorporating the terminology into the system. They provide more assistance on ICD9 and CPT coding & billing for common urology encounters, while avoiding the clutter of thousands of codes unrelated to your practice. Since these systems tie into the administrative and clinical workflow, they also know what procedures have been performed and which treatments prescribed, making the claim process faster and more accurate.
Integration with lab and pathology reports Automatically receive results of electronic urinalyses, kidney MRIs, or other medical tests. Before buying your solution, make sure it will be compatible with all your urology reports and devices.

In addition to these features, a a strong management system will support medical billing and scheduling and improve office workflows, efficiency, and patient correspondence.

Important Conversations

Software as a Service (SaaS).
The adoption of SaaS-based systems are on the rise. With a web-based system, urologists and their staff are able to access patient records, import new patient data, and manage appointments online. And because upfront costs are generally lower with a SaaS model, these web-based systems are very appealing to urologist practices. While HIPAA compliance and the security of patient data in the Cloud is a concern for some, vendors are tackling these issues head on, to ensure sensitive data remains secure.

Mobile device support.
The growing popularity of online EHR urology software is also driving innovation in the way medical professionals access patient records. Vendors are increasingly offering robust mobile technologies that make it easier to manage a practice on the go, and also increases mobility in the office. Many have developed mobile versions, and some are even developing native apps for popular mobile operating systems (like Apple, Android, and Windows). For example, on February 3, 2012, meridianEMR--a leader in urology EHR--launched a native app for the iPhone: meridianMobile. The app gives users access to real-time data, and the ability to schedule office visits and review appointments. The app also runs on the iPod Touch and the iPad, working for any user with the meridianEMR Version 5.2.3 or higher.

ONC-ATCB Certification.
In 2009, President Obama signed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act into law, further driving the move towards EHR adoption with official US government backing. The HITECH Act includes $19 billion to incentivize urology practices to move their medical record systems into the Cloud. To qualify for reimbursements (up to $44,000 worth of increased Medicare and Medicaid premiums), urology practices have to show “meaningful use” of an ONC-ATCB-certified system. The most recent update in this major movement came with Stage 2 of HITECH Guidelines, announced in early 2012. Urologists who fail to show meaningful use by 2015 will face decreased Medicare and Medicaid payments. As such, you should verify that any urology EMR systems you’re reviewing are ONC-ATCB-certified.

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