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netFORUM is a complete Web-based association management system from Abila (formerly Sage) used by over 32,000 associations, nonprofits and government agencies. This system includes modules for managing events, member profiles, membership levels, dues and more.

The event management module organizes attendees, speakers and facility details for any type of event. It’s capable of tracking payments, registrations and cancellations. Event planners can set multiple event pricing structures based on attendees’ membership levels. More granular details—such as audio/visual equipment and furniture rental, meeting rooms and times, attendance numbers and speaker rates—are also manageable within this module.

netFORUM also automates the membership processing and renewals process by calculating dues for multiple types of memberships and packages, then sending out renewals and status updates. This software also supports chapter membership for national associations and committee involvement for individual members.

Finally, an online membership portal offers a way for members to communicate, network, pay dues and keep their profiles updated.


Abila netFORUM - Event and exhibit management
  • Abila netFORUM - Event and exhibit management
    Event and exhibit management
  • Abila netFORUM - CRM module dashboard
    CRM module dashboard
  • Abila netFORUM - Dues tracking
    Dues tracking
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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James from Bereda and Associates
Specialty: Corporations

March 2015

March 2015

Abila NetForum



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Customer Support

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Good price and desired quality; vendor has made its acquisition possible.

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Information on product at times is difficult to understand.


Take your time and read the literature. Documentation is key to understanding the product.