Connect with Luke:

Luke Wallace is a market research associate at Software Advice. He joined the company in 2015 after working as a researcher for various industries, including automotive, business consulting and technology. He has degrees in psychology research and interdisciplinary computer science and has an extensive background in innovation and design strategy. At Software Advice, he researches topics, technologies and trends related to the customer relationship management (CRM) market.

When not covering CRM technology for Software Advice, Luke can be found performing and dancing with local theater troupes, swinging on a trapeze or in an aerial hoop, bedazzling costumes with LED technology and cuddling with his three-legged cat.

Recent Research

How Technology Has Revolutionized
Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

43 percent of real estate buyers begin their search online. Our research shows agents using websites and social media to attract clients, and how they're doing it.

Web-Based CRM Small-Business Buyer Report – 2015

This report will help Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) buyers choose the best system for their business.

Tips for Selecting Real Estate Marketing Automation Software

This e-book simplifies the process of finding the right marketing automation system for real estate professionals.

Sales Manager's Guide to CRM Adoption:
Picking a System Your Team Will Love

This e-book contains important information for sales managers looking to implement a new CRM system, including tips for selecting one that is a good fit.

Sales Force Automation Software
Small Business IndustryView | 2015

This report will guide prospective sales force automation software buyers through the selection process, revealing the top reasons their peers seek these types of systems.

Improving the Consumer E-commerce
Experience Through Text Mining
IndustryView | 2015

We conducted a survey to determine how consumers feel about e-commerce companies using text mining practices to personalize product or service offerings.

Marketing Automation Software
Small Business BuyerView | 2015

This report will guide marketing automation software buyers by revealing the top reasons their peers seek these types of systems, the functionality they desire most and more.

Impact of Predictive Analytics on Social Media Marketing
IndustryView | 2015

We investigate how predictive analytics can be used to identify quality social media influencers, connect with them and generate shareable content.