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AxiomWorx is an integrated project delivery application that is designed to handle and execute operational work. The software tracks and handles all accounting, invoicing and billing. The work breakdown structure (WBS) divides project work into disparate tasks and allocates them to team members or subteams.

AxiomWorx maintains timesheets that monitor hours spent on each project and also calculate the total cost incurred on the project against the total budget allocated for the project. The software allows project managers to regulate work hours by reviewing and approving employee timesheets. The solution offers a unified dashboard, within which project managers can send standardized reports on a monthly or bi-weekly basis to update clients on the project status.

AxiomWorx provides user access controls that provide limited document access rights to external stakeholders. It also provides an option to export data in the form of charts and graphs that integrate with other applications.


AxiomWorx - Project status
  • AxiomWorx - Project status
    Project status
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    Roles and actions
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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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