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Google Keep is a note-taking and to-do list management solution. The solution can be accessed via a mobile app for Android & iOS devices, a Chrome extension or through a web version.

It allows users to categorize notes by various topics and then search them by keyword. Labels or color codes can be added to the notes in order to organize and quickly retrieve them.

Google Keep helps in sharing ideas with friends, family and colleagues since it allows collaboration in real time. Users can also record a voice memo and Google Keep will transcribe it so that it can be searched at any point in time. It also allows users to set reminders for notes at a particular time or when they reach a particular place.

Notes captured via Google Keep can be converted to a Google Doc, which means that users can expand notes to full-fledged documents. Multiple notes can be consolidated and imported to a single document.


Google Keep - Organize data
  • Google Keep - Organize data
    Organize data
  • Google Keep - Create to-do list
    Create to-do list
  • Google Keep - Draw on images
    Draw on images
  • Google Keep - Capture thoughts
    Capture thoughts
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Great for free form info note taking. Multi device. Web, android, and ios.


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