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Huddle is a cloud-based project management solution. Key features include integration with Microsoft Word and a dashboard where users can see all aspects of a project. This software is geared toward large businesses and government agencies with more than 100 users.

Huddle’s integration with Microsoft Word allows users to work in Word and have their changes updated automatically in Huddle. This software offers document histories and audit trails, so users can see who is editing documents when. They can also view historical versions of documents.

Users can customize their workspaces to include branding. Access rights and security levels are also customizable: users can grant access to certain employees or departments. They can also revoke access across all devices.

Huddle can be accessed from anywhere, and users can work offline and later synchronize their work to multiple devices.  

Huddle offers data migration for new clients. Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. This software is priced per user per month.


Huddle - Document history
  • Huddle - Document history
    Document history
  • Huddle - Project menu
    Project menu
  • Huddle - Microsoft Word integration
    Microsoft Word integration
  • Huddle - Mobile app for Android
    Mobile app for Android
  • Huddle - Mobile document editing
    Mobile document editing
  • Huddle - Mobile tasks list
    Mobile tasks list
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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