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Kaseya BMS is a business management solution that helps companies manage their products and services. The software handles billing, accounting and project management tasks and provides regular notifications about bill payments. The software’s cloud-based architecture lets users remotely deploy, monitor and manage IT projects.

The project management module within Kaseya BMS manages staff projects by allocating work to team members with compatible timelines. Project managers get status reports on a weekly or monthly basis and can change work allocations for individual team members. The software provides real-time tracking of expenses and time per employee and monitors cost incurred for each project.

Kaseya BMS’ customer relationship management (CRM) module unifies all customer details. Past communications and invoices are analyzed to create customized marketing and sales campaigns for customers.

Kaseya BMS generates invoices from time entry and expense reports, and it is integrable with accounting software like QuickBooks. The software also manages inventory and handles procurement issues with vendors.


Kaseya BMS - Service desk
  • Kaseya BMS - Service desk
    Service desk
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    Account with description
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    Account list
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