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qmsWrapper is a cloud-based project management suite for small and midsize businesses in industries such as health care, manufacturing, education, technology and pharmaceuticals. It offers integrated tools for project, document and risk management, with an emphasis on compliance and quality management.

qmsWrapper integrates quality and project management into a single workflow to assist with project oversight. Items in the project management module are mirrored in the document and quality management modules. A workflow process editor allows users to design customized workflows for specific projects.

Users can organize projects and break them down into sub-projects. Staff can be organized into workgroups and assigned different roles for different projects. Task tracking features identify employee assignment overlaps. A built-in chat function provides group and one-on-one chats, converts chat conversations into meeting minutes and links chats to specific tasks to support project compliance.  

qmsWrapper is available for purchase for a per-user fee.


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Windows 7, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Marc from Cardio-Phoenix Inc.
Number of employees: 11-50 employees Employees number: 11-50 employees

September 2016

September 2016

Smartest QMS with integrated Project & Document management for easy FDA/ISO compliance. Easy. Simple



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Product Quality
Value for Money

After we got our first FDA approval, we realized we needed to make changes, not only to how we worked but how we implemented compliance. We wanted to combine as much of the project tasks as we could with QMS compliance without always duplicating the work and having developers chase QMS forms between tasks. I also desperately wanted to reduce emails and move away from Skype, where we realized that many of our ideas and shared documents were not included in the related project. Developers often forgot to move them and save them and annotate them so they were not orphaned in Skype or Email.
qmsWrapper's chat module is connected to project and document management which is all integrated with the QMS system. Overnight, email usage dropped 90% - at least. CHats were connected to projects, and their meeting feature meant you could save chats as official compliance meetings. Documents in chat are actually stored in the projects and managed through the storage or document manager.
In a single day, everyone was using it... Sure, i had to configure it but that was not long either once i understood how QMS Roles and Permissions worked - it was not so strange as it was like in the ISO. The system is setup as a project management system similar to many others out there... but it runs on QMS processes... which are a series of tasks that force your team to follow all the ISO steps... including adding next steps and who to give the next tasks to. And if a form is involved you cannot finish the project task without completing the QMS form.
the coolest feature is the QMS module. it essentially mirrors the projects but includes all the QMS events or reporting points. I can monitor the status of all projects easily without opening each project. This they call managing through quality and it works. My job is a lot easier as a result.
the document management does what a document manager is supposed to do. versioning, history, but 2 features really stood out. QMS document approval, ok, nothing special in itself, except it is reported through QMS and requires the approver to approve through their unique PIN number. This Pin Signature is great for identifying the actual approver and the pin follows the document. the other great feature was QMS Vault, here fully approved and final documents were permantly stored with its history. its unchangeable and undeletable.
Last, its an online service which made it easy to deploy.


The processes. You don't have to learn everything about ISO or FDA QSR. Choose a Process and follow the steps. once QMS roles are defined the process knows how to assign the next task.
The chat... sure there is Slack, but this chat is integrated into the projects and is loaded with compliance features. Automatic minutes, agenda, meeting scheduling... tasking from withing a meeting,
they included the validation documentation I needed for FDA "intended Use" testing. this saves hundreds of hours of work (they say 423, but I think its low).
its affordable - the value is incredible.
they have WrapperApp, which is desktop file saving app that is fully connected to the projects. You actually forget to use the Document storage module when creating word and excel files because you save in wrapperApp and it sync's it with the project. Love this feature!

Did I say processes.! They just released a process editor so i can make my own processes and edit the existing ones. This is fantastic because now we use 6 different CAPA processes for different uses ending with different forms. Never thought it would be so easy.
The biggest pro, is that it was really easy for the team to use. very low learning curve.


Its not a complete a project management software as dedicated competitors. I'd say it has only about 85% of all the bells and whistles of the all PM competitors. But the QMS stuff really outweights the cons here... we really don't miss those little features... sure they are cute, but they are not essential.
You have to buy additional storage space separately and we need a lot but prices are comparable to drop box.
Dashboard is clunky. good if you do a lot of To-dos, but the developers window is hidden below the horizon. could be better.
Wish I could open many conversations at a time and switch between them. now I have to open different browser sessions.

Advice to Others

Use the trial version first. this helped us configure the setup we eventually wanted. Problem was we wanted to go from trial version to paid version with more users, but had to reenter the data. Pain, but they are working on it.

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