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SprintGround is a cloud-based project management solution targeting small to medium-sized businesses with IT departments that write software. This product allows users to organize their work, collaborate with their teams, get customer feedback, track project progress and plan releases.

SprintGround provides a platform for users to store ideas and manage tasks, as well as prioritize and categorize tasks. A searchable database of all tasks is available. Users can see what others are working on, assign work to team members and discuss projects.

SprintGround allows users to solicit and record customer feedback. Customers can submit bug reports, send in ideas and suggestions and ask questions. Users can see how much work has been done on each project, as well as how much work is still left to do. They will be able to see if they are on schedule, and if not, when their projects are projected to be complete. This information can be used to plan release dates.

SprintGround can either be priced per user per month, or on a fixed price per month basis. It is available worldwide.


SprintGround - Dashboard
  • SprintGround - Dashboard
  • SprintGround - Development progress
    Development progress
  • SprintGround - Planning board
    Planning board
  • SprintGround - Kanban board
    Kanban board
  • SprintGround - Progress report
    Progress report
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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