Deltek TrafficLIVE Software


Deltek TrafficLIVE is a cloud-based agency management system that provides a way to manage resources, schedule jobs and record time. With this system, advertising agencies and marketing communications firms can manage projects, control budget, store documents and more.

Deltek TrafficLIVE is built specifically for advertising and marketing communications agencies. It is a single agency management solution to replace disconnected project or scheduling tools that obscure resource capacity. The system schedules work and explains performance, while capturing time in just one click.

By spending less time on administrative work, reducing the need for freelancers and balancing workload, agencies implementing Deltek TrafficLIVE can work to improve client results and achieve higher profits.

Because Deltek TrafficLIVE is offered through the cloud, there’s nothing to deploy and no hardware to maintain. Deltek TrafficLIVE is offered through monthly and annual subscriptions.


Deltek TrafficLIVE - Dashboard review
  • Deltek TrafficLIVE - Dashboard review
    Dashboard review
  • Deltek TrafficLIVE - Work planner
    Work planner
  • Deltek TrafficLIVE - Schedule and availability
    Schedule and availability
  • Deltek TrafficLIVE - Tasks and work calendar
    Tasks and work calendar
  • Deltek TrafficLIVE - Resource availability
    Resource availability
  • Deltek TrafficLIVE - Timesheet
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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