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Unanet Project Portfolio consists of a set of applications integrated into a complete solution, providing companies with a system to manage, plan and track people and projects in real time. Available as a Software as a Service (Saas) offering or an on-premise solution, Unanet Project Portfolio can be configured to fit a company's specific business processes.

Unanet Project Portfolio includes a suite of applications, including project and resource management, timesheet and expense management, resource requesting and workforce collaboration. It's suited to a number of industries, including Professional Services, Government Contracting, Advertising & PR firms, IT services, Engineering firms and more, giving each company insight into resource demands, commitments and capacity across the company portfolio.

The solution provides support for DCAA Compliance, can be integrated with Microsoft Project, and even contains features like Per Diems and Time In/Time Out. Unanet's Integration Manager enables automatic integration with General Ledger, Payroll, HR and AP/AR, avoiding time-consuming double entry.


Unanet Project Portfolio - Unanet Dashboard
  • Unanet Project Portfolio - Unanet Dashboard
    Unanet Dashboard
  • Unanet Project Portfolio - Resource Allocation Chart
    Resource Allocation Chart
  • Unanet Project Portfolio - Unanet Web Timesheet
    Unanet Web Timesheet
  • Unanet Project Portfolio - Resource Manager Periodic Headcount Chart
    Resource Manager Periodic Headcount Chart
  • Unanet Project Portfolio - Project Earned Value
    Project Earned Value
  • Unanet Project Portfolio - Project Periodic Cost Summary Chart
    Project Periodic Cost Summary Chart
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, Windows 2000

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from Texas A&M
Specialty: Software / Technology
Number of employees: 10,000+ employees Employees number: 10,000+ employees

Appreciate the Usability aspect of the product



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality

I like the UI screen which is less cluttered and more organized unlike Microsoft Project Management Tool.
It also helps you think aloud before exploring options.


I like its simple yet effective UI


I still want to improve the macros a bit more..!!

Advice to Others

Please consider using this when you fast and effective results..!!


from Pixel Puppy Productions
Specialty: Telecommunications
Number of employees: 2 to 5 employees Employees number: 2 to 5 employees

One of the best options



Product Quality

Product Quality


Likes Best

There are some really great resources to help use it in the most effective way possible.

Likes Least

I can't say that I really have any complaints about this particular vendor.


Take advantage of the free trials. If the software doesn't feel right, try something else until you find one that seems promising.

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