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Mobile Home Park Management Software

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Last updated: June 9, 2015

Top 10 Most Reviewed Mobile Home Park Management Software Systems

Buildium Buildium is a versatile system that integrates core marketing, accounting, communication functions for help managing properties. Available in SaaS format. Includes online payments, general ledger and tenant screening.
        216 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Maintenance Connection We like Maintenance Connection's customizable calendar to keep track of employee work schedules and tasks. Complete maintenance system for tracking, monitoring and reporting in a user-friendly interface.
        67 Reviews
AppFolio Property Manager AppFolio Property Manager offers property managers a user-friendly, Web-based product at convenient monthly pricing. Its features include general ledger tracking, e-payments, Google maps, and Craigslist postings.
        61 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Rent Manager Rent Manager helps simplify business processes with full financial accounting integration. Functionality includes general ledger with A/R, payroll import, and financial reporting. Online option includes web-based modules.
        23 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Rentec Direct With easy-to-navigate dashboards, Rentec Direct offers secure access to your accounting, property, and tenant data. It's available in a software-as-a-service, per-unit pricing model to help manage costs.
        11 Reviews


in the last 30 days

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SKYLINE Software With integrated functionality, SKYLINE's core modules include accounting, tenant and lease tracking and CRM. Delivers extensive reporting capabilities, including online credit reports.
         2 Reviews


in the last 30 days
AMSI Great for managers with a diverse portfolio, AMSI's Evolution Version 7 is a Web-based tool with sophisticated but easy-to-use features. There are tenant portals, accounting features, budget control tools, and more.
        6 Reviews
Yardi Genesis Yardi Genesis is a property management and accounting software solution suited for small and midsize residential and real estate management companies. This system can only be deployed in the cloud.
        2 Reviews
Landport Landport’s preventive maintenance feature ensures your property will consistently operate at its peak performance. The system's calendar and checklist make it easy to track, schedule and stay up-to-date on all maintenance.
       0 Reviews
Yardi Voyager Yardi Voyager is a property management and accounting platform for commercial and residential entities. Suited for small portfolio real estate owners as well as large enterprises, this system can only be deployed in the cloud.
       0 Reviews

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Buyer's Guide

Mobile home park managers need most of the basic features associated with property management: accounting, tenant/lease tracking, budgeting/forecasting and facility maintenance. Manufactured home parks have an added layer of complexity in terms of size and layout, as well as having both tenant- and manager-owned homes on site.

Common Features of Mobile Home Park Management Software

Home types and features Since every lot or home might be different, ensure your software can identify and tag them by size, special features, utilities etc.
Utility metering Track usage of water, electricity and/or gas and bill each resident according to their usage.
Tenant/owner communication Store detailed information on each resident, including service requests, ownership and lease information to streamline communication to residents of the community.
Property layout & grouping Particularly for a large community, you’ll want a system that can create a in a way that makes the most sense for the property manager, as well as group properties by ownership, area, lot size etc.
Common area management Calculate common area charges, bill tenants for their individual lot fees and track maintenance, community policies and facility usage.

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