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Self-Storage Management Software

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Last updated: February 12, 2015

Top 8 Most Reviewed Self-Storage Management Software Systems

Easy Storage Solutions Streamline essential accounting and property management tasks with Easy Storage Solutions. Delivers secure web-based online booking, automated billing and payment processing, Google map integration, and more.
       68 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Maintenance Connection Available in a software-as-a-service module or on-site installation, Maintenance Connection helps streamline essential maintenance and labor tasks. This system is highly customizable and fully scalable to grow.
        66 Reviews
MRI Commercial Management Self-Storage Property Management firms of all sizes will find the investments and specialty operation tools they need with MRI Property Software. The platform offers real-time data needed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
         15 Reviews


in the last 30 days
SKYLINE Software Ideal for managing from 100 to 10,000 units, SKYLINE delivers a complete end-to-end solution with extensive financial reporting features. Tracks unit-specific data on future, current, and former units.
        1 Review


in the last 30 days
Store Advantage Centershift is the fastest growing Cloud-based system in the self-storage market. Of its many features, it manages customer data, offers online payments and reservations and stores promotion metrics specified by the user.
       0 Reviews


in the last 30 days

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Store Enterprise StoreEnterprise is a web-based system with more than a decade of experience managing some of the largest storage facilities. Its organization and site administration features are key, helping to maximize revenue and minimize loss.
       0 Reviews
OnCite Designed for midsize to large companies, OnCite provides features to assist with financial accounting, work orders, and even environmental and energy management. The web-based system is accessible from any mobile device.
       0 Reviews
Landport Landport is perfect for the property manager on-the-go. Because the system is Web-based, there's no software to install or maintain, and it's smartphone-friendly, so managers can stay in-the-know at all times.
       0 Reviews

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Buyer's Guide

Self-storage facilities have unique needs that set them apart from other types of property management. Gate access integration, additional sources of revenue like equipment rentals and merchandise sales and online reservations are just a few of the elements a self-storage property manager would need to consider when selecting software.

Common Features of Self-Storage Property Management Software

Facility maps Electronic color-coded maps allow the facility manager to see at a glance the status of each unit—which are in use, which are reserved and which are vacant. You can also print maps for your new renters to show them where their unit is going to be.
Payment options designed for self-storage facilities The revenue model for self-storage facilities demands additional accounting features that a typical property management firm wouldn’t need. These include accepting payments and/or deposits for rental equipment, making merchandise sales, accepting credit card payments, scheduling automatic recurring payments based on the customer’s needs or locking the leaser out for failure to pay on time.
Integration with campus systems Oftentimes student housing is tied to meal plans, utilities or class schedules. A robust student housing program will integrate into the university’s other software programs to facilitate transfer of necessary information.
Online renter access Just as property management systems can have a Web-based portal for tenants, software for self-storage facilities will have a portal for renters and prospective renters. They can reserve a unit (based on the vacancies, as listed through the software) or pay their rental fee without leaving their home.
Gate access integration The more advanced software packages will integrate seamlessly with your gate access system. By giving each tenant a unique access code, the system will give the new tenants access immediately, allow you to track their visitation and lock them out when their payments are past due.

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