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Student & University Housing Software

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Last updated: May 19, 2015

Top 10 Most Reviewed Student & University Housing Software Systems

AppFolio Property Manager AppFolio is a comprehensive web-based system that provides property management features as well as marketing, accounting and other modules. The system also has a tenant portal, allowing tenants to pay rent online at any time.
        58 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Propertyware With more than 2,000 users in seven countries, Propertyware helps simplify your daily workflow for your staff - and tenants. Includes features to track property status, streamline accounting, and enable renters to pay online.
         18 Reviews


in the last 30 days
RentPost RentPost is a web-based property management solution with functionality for managing property, including an accounting system, tenant and unit management support, work orders, online payments, and a visual dashboard.
       1 Review


in the last 30 days
INFO-Tracker™ INFO-Tracker is a property management, maintenance and accounting system that streamlines workflows and automates business processes enterprise-wide, while providing insight into business performance.
        1 Review


in the last 30 days
Axxerion Axxerion is both a functional and customizable Web-based property management solution that's great for managers of student and university housing. It has features for reporting, maintenance, budgeting, CAD integration, and more.
       0 Reviews

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Property Vista Property Vista is a best-of-breed student and university housing suite with applications for property accounting, student tracking, building maintenance and more.
       0 Reviews
Arthur Arthur is a cloud-based property management system designed for property managers, landowners, and leasing agents. The system is accessible on any connected mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.
       0 Reviews
Rent Manager From filling vacancies and collecting electronic payments to managing A/R and running reports, Rent Manager is designed to manage essential operations. Choose from fee-based online module or traditional installation on site.
        23 Reviews
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in the last 30 days
AMSI AMSI recently introduced Evolution Version 7 of its Web-based property management system, which includes a user-friendly dashboard and UI. It offers resident & prospect portals, and tools for work orders, budget control, and more.
        6 Reviews
Landport Landport is a property management system centered on work orders and preventive maintenance, which is critical in student and university housing. With its tenant portal, residents can easily alert managers about needed repairs.
       0 Reviews

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Buyer's Guide

Although student housing software includes standard accounting, maintenance and tenant and lease management functions, software for this sector will tend to focus less on the basics typical of most systems and more on the unique features needed in a student housing situation. This includes maximizing room occupancy, managing room and roommate preferences, integrating with campus systems and storing additional information for the parent/payer.

Common Features of Student and University Housing Software

Room selection management In student housing, rooms often have two or four residents per room. Rather than splitting up one room into four separate units, student housing software will treat each resident individually. Some student housing software will even have roommate matching features, allowing staff or students to search eligible roommates by lifestyle to minimize conflict down the line.
Student/parent profile management Since the student’s parent or guardian is usually involved in at least the payment, if not other parts of the child’s housing experience, university housing software should support storing information not just for the resident, but for their parent as well. This information may include permanent address, parents, photos and even class information.
Integration with campus systems Oftentimes, student housing is tied to meal plans, utilities or class schedules. A robust student housing program will integrate into the university’s other software programs to facilitate transfer of necessary information.
Additional service plans System will incorporate additional items, such as meal plans, Internet service, cable TV, telephone and extracurricular activities, into the university housing software. This enables fees to be incorporated and paid all at once.
Student portal Some of the more robust student housing software programs will allow administrators to configure a student portal, enabling students to look up assignments or other personal information. Using this portal, students can conduct much of the application, payment and room selection process using the Web.
Incident management Track and report policy violations or conduct incidents from the initial report through investigation, including any student sanctions or appeals. This feature will have step-by-step, user-defined categories specific to the institutions method of handling student conduct incidents.

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