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Scoro is a robust, powerful solution that is beneficial for small to midsized companies in advertising, consulting, IT, and other industries. The software is entirely web-based, and is conveniently deployable on any platform, including mobile devices. Scoro is a unique control hub that displays outstanding tasks, account information, key performance indicators, calendar events, and more all on a single screen.  

Scoro‘s web-based deployment lets its users stay up to date and see any task changes in real time, resulting in improved employee time management and team communication. Tasks that are scheduled by day, week, or month automatically populate in a convenient task list that can be sorted by the user. Scoro allows different levels of access to be granted to different employees, to ensure that only relevant users are working on a particular project.

We‘d recommend this software for any organization looking for a single solution that can handle managing and syncing multiple calendars, quotes, tasks, and projects in one attractive interface. In addition, Scoro has extensive budgeting and invoicing capabilities – from sending clients the initial invoice, to clickable advanced reporting documents, to tracking the expenses and labor costs of projects.

Scoro’s software has a lot of features to like, but one of our favorites is the “Alert Watchdog”, which audibly alerts the user whenever an item needs immediate attention. Scoro also integrates seamlessly with many widely used applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Dropbox, and Mailchimp. 


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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Nickolas from Cloud Customer Care
Specialty: IT Services

September 2015

September 2015

Super professional and user-friendly cloud crm



Product Quality

Customer Support
Likes Best

Scoro is the most intuitive, user-friendly CRM system that gives you a totally "big picture" of your sales situation. It is essential in a world of overflowing information. At the same time it can be set up to automate some of your everyday routines, saving you time that you can use on more profitable things. The time you apply to customer activities can be registered and tracked so you can keep an eye on what you use your precious time and how much you actually can bill your time spent.
All in all a super good CRM system which knows how to exploit synergies when several people work together in teams.

Likes Least

I miss integration with LinkedIn and possible. other social media. It would make it more complete


I can highly recommend the system that will quickly prove to be your best investment in improved efficiency of your sales and other customer services

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