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Chameleon-i is a cloud-based recruiting agency solution. Modules included in the platform are automation, communication, customization, organization, searching and reporting.

Chameleon-i’s automation module includes an action system that can create and record over 50 activity types, such as automated offer letters and rejections. This solution also has CV parsing tools, which can automatically populate candidate profiles with information from their résumés.

Chameleon-i integrates with Microsoft Exchange, so inboxes in Chameleon-i mirror inboxes in Exchange. Users can create e-marketing campaigns using this solution’s bulk email tools. Email templates can be created, and data from customer databases can automatically populate placeholder fields in these templates.

In Chameleon-i’s customization module, candidate profiles can be tagged to filter for pre-selected skills and qualifications. Tags can also be used to sort clients by hiring preferences.

Chameleon-i is priced per user per month. Online, email and phone support are provided, as are on-premise or online training.


Chameleon-i - Database view
  • Chameleon-i - Database view
    Database view
  • Chameleon-i - Booking system
    Booking system
  • Chameleon-i - Volume resourcing client portal
    Volume resourcing client portal
  • Chameleon-i - Timesheet & invoicing system
    Timesheet & invoicing system
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Mike from SRS Healthcare
Specialty: Recruiting Agency
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

January 2017

January 2017

Could be so good but yet so far!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

I used Chameleon-i for a number of years on a one & then two user basis.
The system is straight forward and nearly good but found after 5 years of using it to build a database of candidates - it was useless! I couldn't search within CVS. After flagging this to help desk and raising this with the company - they couldn't fix it and the attitude of the company was dire! I was left for 6 weeks without a fix and was forced to find an alternative supplier - no interest from Chameleon-i and I was forced to leave. A loyal customer lost and any credibility with it because of their attitude!
I raised it with the management and request some kind of refund for some of the money I had paid or even some gesture of goodwill - not a sausage! At great cost, I had to migrate what I could across to Bullhorn - wish I'd done it sooner. Terrible customer service.
The system isn't terrible but fundamentally couldn't do what I and most people would expect it to do - the basic search! I wouldn't recommend the company to anyone on that basis!


Straightforward basic setup


Everything costs "extra" per month
Support was terrible
Management team not interested in problems
Fundamentally couldn't do the recruitment basics

Advice to Others

Look elsewhere - there is better for less out there! God forbid there is a problem!

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