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Izenda Reports is an embedded Business Intelligence platform that helps streamline data exploration and report creation, customization and consumption while maintaining a look and feel that is consistent with users’ existing application.

Izenda Reports is a highly configurable solution that fully integrates with .NET platforms and renders in HTML5. This Business Intelligence platform not only runs on current infrastructure, but it also inherits the existing security and role-based access models. Rich reporting tools are capable of  producing ad-hoc reports, robust visualizations, tabular summaries, fixed-layout reports, trending comparisons, and aggregations. Application end users are able to create and modify reports and explore data without the need for IT support. Because its 100% web-based, the platform can be used across browsers and on mobile devices.

We especially like that Izenda Reports was designed for user-driven data exploration and report creation. The Instant Reports feature provides an easy-to-use search interface that allows users to find and create reports without having to comprehend any underlying data models. Through Instant Reports, users can build charts and grids, add filters, and include drill-down  into reports and visualizations from inside their applications.

Founded in 2002, Izenda is a dependable option best suited for medium-sized and enterprise level businesses looking for a seamlessly embedded BI platform. Since the platform is browser-based solution, users do not have to invest in additional infrastructure. The platform also supports a variety of databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, so developers are not required to migrate their data or create a data warehouse, and end user do not need to learn a new data model or toolset.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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