5 Really Cool Mobile Sales Solutions for Sales Teams

In our increasingly mobile world, mobile applications have become an integral part of people’s lives–both personally and professionally. In fact, people are so tied to their phones and tablets that they literally get into walking accidents while using them.

(When used safely) mobile sales solutions makes sense for salespeople who are often away from their desk but still need the tools to manage information and maintain customer relationships.

Those that use mobile sales tools have a clear advantage over those that don’t:

Sixty percent of high-performing sales teams currently use or are planning to use a mobile sales app, while only nine percent of under-performing sales teams report using mobile apps in their sales processes.

State of Sales Report, Salesforce

The good news: These days, salespeople have their pick of mobile apps to help them work from the field. These apps perform many useful functions, such as navigation, travel management, expense tracking, invoicing and long-distance collaboration.

Here are five mobile sales solutions we think are especially cool because of their multi-functionality. What’s more, when used in combination, they support the full range of field sales activities:

Documents and Presentation
Order-Taking and Invoicing
Expense and Travel Management
Collaboration and Networking


Geolocation uses GPS functionality to track and analyze customer locations. Sales reps can use it to optimize navigation to and from customer locations.

What’s especially cool is that, because geolocation apps let sales reps visualize their sales territory, they can see whether they have a lot of customers in a particular area. This helps reps easily see where their markets are concentrated.

What’s more, some apps even offer functionality that helps reps acquire new leads in hot territories.

For example, savvy businesses can use geospatial data (data that has a geographic component to it) to tailor content and offers based on location-specific customer behavior (e.g., check-ins or location-based social media posts).

Here are a couple examples:

Base offers a fully integrated mobile mapping system with their CRM platform. Sales reps can use it to visualize contacts, leads and deals, and get one-touch driving directions. Base’s maps can be filtered by customer type, tags, distance and city and more.

Devices(s): iOS, Android, Windows


Badger Maps offers geolocation of current and future leads along with mobile CRM synchronization. Sales reps can locate leads on a map, filter and color-code them based on a number of different attributes, employ route planning and search for new local leads.

Devices(s): Any iOS device

Documents and Presentation

Apps that allow you to access and share documents and presentations via mobile devices are extremely useful to sales reps in the field. They cut down on equipment needed to present sales pitches (like bulky laptops).

What’s especially cool is that many of these apps offer ways for reps to track who is viewing sales materials and for how long they visited. This is a great way for reps to gauge engagement and guess how ready a customer is to purchase.

With this information, reps can focus their efforts and attention on those most likely to buy.

Here are a couple examples:


TinderBox generates trackable sales documents and presentations. Sales reps can see who is opening and viewing sales materials and for how long. The Tinderbox platform also connects with Salesforce to help reps automate the creation of personalized sales presentations.

Device(s): Any iOS device

With ClearSlide, sales reps can present in person or remotely using an iPad or iPhone. Content is accessible from the cloud or downloadable to devices for when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular connection available. Functionality includes drawing tools and rich content, such as animations.

Devices(s): iOS devices

Order Taking and Invoicing

The faster a sales rep can process a customer’s order, the better. Also, the less paperwork the process involves, the less headache for sales reps. Thankfully, there are apps that make it easy for sales reps to send orders and invoices to customers.

What’s especially cool is that these apps can also help customers make on-the-spot purchases. Many offer reps the ability to showcase products in full color display, making it an attractive way to show customers their options.

Some also can capture customer signatures directly from the mobile device.

Here are a couple examples:

Handshake offers a mobile order-writing app for iPads and iPhones. Sales reps can showcase products with HD images and multiple view options, keep updated on the latest inventory and product information and even scan product bar codes.

Devices(s): Any iOS device


With the inSitu Sales platform, sales reps can create invoices and sales estimates, send documents to customers, display pricing information, record customer payments and track the activities of other sales reps. It also offers map visualization of customer locations and sales route information.

Devices(s): iOS and Android

Expense and Travel Management

Salespeople who spend a lot of time in the field need to track travel expenses such as food and mileage. Those who travel frequently may need to make travel arrangements and manage itineraries from the road. Fortunately, there are mobile apps for all of that!

What’s especially cool is that these apps utilize the mobile device’s other functionality (e.g., cameras or GPS) to make expense tracking even easier for on-the-go reps.

For example, reps can simply take pictures of receipts and upload them to their expense reports, and can automatically track trip mileage.

Here are a couple examples:

With Zoho Expense, sales reps can upload receipts, record expenses and submit expense reports from their smartphone. Reps can take pictures of receipts, and upload and auto-scan them to create expense records. The built-in mileage tracker automatically calculates mileage at the end of each trip.

Devices(s): iOS, Android, Windows

Concur offers a number of mobile solutions. The travel tool covers booking and managing itineraries. Expense capabilities include capturing receipts and submitting expense reports. Concur also offers invoicing, making it a comprehensive mobile solution.

Devices(s): iOS, Android, Windows

Collaboration and Networking

Apps that provide a platform for collaboration keep sales reps connected to other team members and informed, despite being in the field.

What’s especially cool is Salesforce found that companies with high-performing sales teams are nearly three times as likely as under-performers to view sales as the responsibility of the whole company.

In other words, successful teams create a collaborative culture where sales reps share information and learn from one another. These mobile apps make collaboration possible from virtually anywhere.

Here are a couple examples:

With Salesforce’s Chatter app, on-the-go sales reps can stay plugged into what’s happening at the office. They can post status updates, or use the photo upload feature to share images. They can also get real-time updates from their coworkers, such as new lead information or updated content.
Devices(s): iOS, Android, Windows

Repsly’s team collaboration software includes individual messaging, billboard and customer sharing capabilities that help field sales reps stay connected to their in-office team members. In addition to collaborative options, Repsly offers a mobile CRM, GPS location tracking, time tracking, signature capture and more.

Devices(s): iOS, Android, Windows

Next Steps

These are just a few of the many mobile sales solutions available. For help choosing the best tools, here are some steps you can take to narrow down your options and get more information:

  • Email me at lukewallace@softwareadvice.com. I’m available to help start you on the software-selection process or to answer any additional questions you might have about sales software or mobile CRM products for sales teams.
  • Call Software Advice at (855) 998-8505: In less than 15 minutes, our experienced Software Advisors can help you make an informed decision. After learning your functionality and budgetary requirements, they’ll send you a detailed list of products that meet your needs.

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