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Data Age has provided point of sale solutions for pawn shops, and other speciality retailers since 1988. These POS systems are industry-leading software applications that offer optical identification scanning, barcode/UPC scanning, biometric validation, and law enforcement reporting.

Pawn shops that are looking to automate their systems and upgrade from out-of-date point of sale software should look at PawnMaster from Data Age. This system supports pawn retailers of all sizes and is the most widely-used solutions in the undustry. Store owners can implement just the Point of Sale functionality or purchase a suite of applications that include inventory management and customer management as well.

What we really like about PawnMaster is the fact that is was developed specifically for pawn shops and includes features to address challengers specific to those retailers. PawnMaster helps eliminate the customer fraud common in pawn shops by offering robust serial number tracking, identity verification and detailed verification checklists for high-end items like watches.

It also includes fingerprint technology to check customer identity as well as prevent employee fraud and barcoding to speed up and streamline inventory management. Data Age also offers digital surveillance systems as an optional add-on.

PawnMaster implementation includes online certification that can be done at the customer’s own pace to ensure users can use all of the systems features. It can be scaled to meet the needs of both single stores and franchises with a hundred locations and is also available in Spanish.


PawnMaster by Data Age - Leave Messages for Employees
  • PawnMaster by Data Age - Leave Messages for Employees
    Leave Messages for Employees
  • PawnMaster by Data Age - Fingerprints for Employee and Customer ID
    Fingerprints for Employee and Customer ID
  • PawnMaster by Data Age - Shorten Counter Wait Times
    Shorten Counter Wait Times
  • PawnMaster by Data Age - Assess Inventory Value and Performance
    Assess Inventory Value and Performance
  • PawnMaster by Data Age - Customer History
    Customer History
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

1 Review of PawnMaster by Data Age


from Hidden Treasure
Specialty: Jewelry
Size of portfolio: 2 to 5 users Portfolio size: 2 to 5 users

Service Issues


They did not provide any training initially. They say they do; however they expected us to pay for it. We had to fly to Florida and pay the training even after paying for our system.


It works OK, but I have yet to use a competitors. Further, it has tech issues. I have five locations, and two out of five have crashed in the first year, requiring the computers' motherboards to be replaced despite being offline.

Product Quality

I have had systems crash within two months of use. We're offline so no chance of viruses

Customer Support

Never return phone calls and with tech support, they told us to watch a video despite charging $800 a year for support.

Likes Best

The product seemed convenient and easy to use at the time of purchase. However, after years of use, it has been less so.

Likes Least

The price point is 3 to 6 times higher than anything else on the market, and they do not return our phone calls.


Find another provider; they are horrible at service. There is no training provided, and they cost 3x more than anyone else.

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