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Thr!ve is a point of sale (POS) system by Granbury Restaurant Solutions. It is a consolidation of Granbury's legacy systems FireFly Point of Sale, DiamondTouch POS and Vital Link POS.

This solution is suited to a wide variety of food service businesses including fast casual, quick-service and full-service restaurants, as well as bars, pubs and cafes. It can manage operations from POS to customer management, online ordering and even restaurant marketing.

Thr!ve includes modules for delivery, online ordering, customer loyalty marketing and enterprise reporting.

Thr!ve integrable with an optional online ordering module that lets orders appear in restaurants' makelines automatically. Restaurants can also expand marketing efforts in the system through branded email campaigns, text messages and direct mail. 


Thr!ve - Pizza ordering
  • Thr!ve - Pizza ordering
    Pizza ordering
  • Thr!ve - Delivery screen
    Delivery screen
  • Thr!ve - Multiple devices
    Multiple devices
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux

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Lori from Beefers
Specialty: Restaurant

December 2014

December 2014

It is a very reliable solutions program that helps us out in many ways.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Its very easy to use and very dependable. We use it all the time.

Likes Least

There is nothing at all that we dislike about this product.


Just to use it and look for free updates often and apply them.