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ChainDrive by MultiDev technologies is an Integrated Cross-Channel Retail Management Solution that allows retailers the ability to offer their customers an “Omni-Channel Retail Experience”.  ChainDrive delivers seamless functionality, from point of sale, web-order fulfillment, CRM, inventory management, merchandising, warehouse management, through to operations, and financial applications. This system is best suited for apparel, footwear, sporting goods, jewelry, home goods, department store and specialty retailers.

MultiDev is a team built with a strong foundation in the retail industry, and their end-to-end software suite shows just that. ChainDrive delivers retailers, e-tailers and wholesalers a true cross-channel integration that offers enterprise wide functionality and visibility into every aspect of a retailers business. The various components such as store budgeting, inventory management and fulfillment are all features that clearly show that this system is designed to produce quick and visible results for retailers. When it comes to decision making, the analytics and reporting features easily allows retailers to make decisions on which products to push and which promotions to extend.

The retail industry is constantly and rapidly evolving, and Multidev Technologies offers a product that adheres to this fast paced evolution of retail.

We recommend ChainDrive for medium to large retailers with anywhere from 4 to 150 chain stores. Multidev Technologies is dedicated to supporting its customers in their growth, so we recommend retailers expecting to grow to take a look at ChainDrive for their retail management needs.


ChainDrive - ChainDrive Retail Management Software
  • ChainDrive - ChainDrive Retail Management Software
    ChainDrive Retail Management Software
  • ChainDrive - ChainDrive Point of Sale Software
    ChainDrive Point of Sale Software
  • ChainDrive - Purchases Contribution by Class
    Purchases Contribution by Class
  • ChainDrive - ChainDrive Employee Performance
    ChainDrive Employee Performance
  • ChainDrive - ChainDrive Store Performance
    ChainDrive Store Performance
  • ChainDrive - ChainDrive Point of Sale Transaction
    ChainDrive Point of Sale Transaction
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Solaris, Windows 2000

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