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SchoolBrains is a Student Information System (SIS) that offers an integrated suite of modules to maintain student and personnel data. It is a web-based solution targeted primarily at K-12 schools and provides access to information about schools, classrooms, students, teachers and assessments in a single dashboard.

SchoolBrains offers a variety of features and tools that can be accessed using web services, including grade books and report cards, education plans, admissions, assessments and curriculum mapping. It also has a community portal that provides a channel for direct communication between teachers and parents/guardians.

SchoolBrains' alert mechanism helps schools improve emergency response time and communicate with students, staff and parents through voice, email and SMS text messaging. The software also stores health-related records of students and staff in its nursing and health module, which can be accessed by nurses 24/7.

SchoolBrains ensures compliance with federal and state regulatory laws and has reporting capabilities meeting the requirements of various states.


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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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from Bellingham Public Schools
Specialty: K-12 public
Number of employees: 201-500 employees Employees number: 201-500 employees

Schoolbrains - Adequate but should be better.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality

Schoolbrains works fairly well for daily use, but the implementation process and data reporting aspects need improvement. Specifically, during implementation, most timelines and deadlines were not met or required constant prompting from the customer to complete tasks correctly and on time.


Schoolbrains works well for the daily SIS functions performed by schools.
Navigation is easy.
Accessibility is very good.
Personnel security roles can be both globally and micro-managed depending on the need.


Customization is required far too often, even for what might be considered routine data management.
Although we were told it can:
Customization cannot be done by school personnel.
Importing data to update student or staff information cannot be done by school personnel.
Reporting out and exporting data that resides on more than one data table is impossible without Schoolbrains staff customizing a report. For example, making a list of students' names and test scores with their current teacher's name on it for more than one classroom at a time cannot be done by the user.
The special education module has many functionality short-comings typically available on special education software packages.
Response to Intervention recording ability does not exist.

Advice to Others

The product is as good as or better than most out there when considering it for daily user use. School secretaries and teachers can learn and use the system pretty easily. The problem arises when trying to manage and maintain the system from the technology support side of the system. We were told during the sales presentation meeting that all things were routinely possible. That is simply not the case. During the project implementation description meeting more than six months before roll-out, we jointly developed industry standard benchmarks with a timeline. Many timeline benchmarks were not met. Some that were met were done so under duress. At this time (November 2016), Schoolbrains does not have the staff capacity to meet their stated implementation and operational benchmarks. Either the training I and our school district's technology staff received from Schoolbrains was inadequate to implement, operate and maintain the system smoothly or the system requires more backend attention from Schoolbrains staff than they are currently capable of handling at a satisfactory level for their customers. Either way, improvements to Schooolbrains' implementation and operations should be made, whether that is in customer training or their own staff capacity. It is our organizations opinion that investment by Schoolbrains in their training, support and development staff would bring this SIS product up to its advertised potential.

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