Concord Contract Management Software


Concord is an online contract management solution designed to help companies create new contracts and keep track of existing contracts.

It allows businesses to automate contract management and e-signature processes and is suitable for all types of businesses and industries, ranging from freelancers to multinational corporations.

Concord is designed to manage contract authoring, track approvals, enforce workflows and audit contracts. Users can edit contracts directly through an online interface and legally bind contracts with the system's e-signature functionality.

Concord's workflow management feature helps track multi-step contract approvals and permissions, allowing businesses to make their approvals process all-electronic.

Concord provides integration with various cloud storage platforms, including Salesforce, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox, offering unlimited contract storage in the cloud to the users.

Other features include customizable templates, deadline alerts, change tracking, document versioning, sending bulk notifications and LDAP integration, among others.


Concord Contract Management  - Edit contracts online
  • Concord Contract Management  - Edit contracts online
    Edit contracts online
  • Concord Contract Management  - Create contracts
    Create contracts
  • Concord Contract Management  - Contract templates
    Contract templates
  • Concord Contract Management  - Merged signature field
    Merged signature field
  • Concord Contract Management  - E-signatures
  • Concord Contract Management  - Activity trails
    Activity trails
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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Jaclyn from Party Designs by Jax
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October 2016

October 2016

This contract management software is great



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

I was looking for a free software to tree for my vendor and clients and Concord came up. I signed up to see how it worked and Customer service contacted right away and helped me set it up. They have been great since. One on One support and I loved that they didn't try to upsell me for what I needed.


Easy to use once proper trained. Customer service is outstanding


I didn't really find any.

Advice to Others

Use their customer support and the video chat to help set up and walk you through.

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